The Iconic Building That Is Home To Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf

Many people leaving the Garden State Parkway at Exit 89 or driving on Cedar Bridge Road wonder what activities occur under the steeply pitched roofs of the unique building known as One Airport Road, Lakewood, New Jersey.  That iconic building is the home of the Bathgate Wegener & Wolf law firm.  Our law firm employs 45 people and we occupy the entire building.  Our unique building has been named in an architectural guide book as one of 150 Best Buildings in New Jersey.   
This truly unique building was designed by Noboru Kobayashi.  The architectural guide book describes the building as having a “spare and elegant design … made up of pure geometric forms that recall both Shinto temples and the Louis Khan Bath House in Ewing Township.  The complex consists of nine square pavilions of ascending dimension offset from each other on diagonal axes.  The pavilions are capped with steeply pitched pyramidal roofs covered by wood shingles”.

From the unique roofline it might seem there are several buildings.  Actually, there is only one building that has a roofline consisting of nine pyramids.  Although it appears that the pavilions are separate structures, the building has a unified floor plan consisting of several intersecting ovals.
​Beginning with its stone entry terraces, the building has many unique features. Our main entrance is framed by fountains, a moat and a waterfall.  The fountains are not only visually dramatic but also generate a pleasing sound as the water cascades down the waterfall and is propelled high into the air before splashing into the largest of the reflecting pools.

​The interior of the building is graced by two gardens that provide a very pleasing internal landscape of shrubbery and flowers. One of those gardens has its own pool. The internal gardens, open to the sky, provide light and air that enlivens the interior of several of the pavilions.​The reception area has a soaring ceiling capped by a glass peak and brick walls that are accented by the soft glow of wall mounted lights.  From that vantage point our clients and visitors are able to view the interior gardens. 

​A truly attractive feature of one of the pavilions is a library constructed as a room within a room.  This pleasing architectural dimension permits access to our bound book collection without the stacks of shelves typically associated with traditional libraries.  In our modern law firm, each of our 45 individual computer terminals has direct access to the latest version of computerized legal research software.

​Anyone who is interested in touring the public areas of the Bathgate Wegener & Wolf, P.C. office will have that opportunity in conjunction with the upcoming immigration seminar that we will host.