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Fighting your employer may seem like a difficult or unwinnable battle. But the law provides broad protection for employees who are wronged by their employers. Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf has successfully represented employees in all types of employment law claims against employers. The firm provides comprehensive employment law representation to employees in all aspects of the employment relationships. Our services include review and negotiation of employment agreements, non-compete clauses and severance agreements. We also protect the rights of employees who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs or treated unfairly with respect to discipline and promotion. Included in the cases that we have won for employees are age, sex, religion and race discrimination lawsuits, whistleblower/retaliatory firings, sexual harassment, hostile work environment claims, and overtime wage and hour claims.

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New Jersey is an “at will” state, which gives employers the right to terminate you without giving a reason. However, if you suspect you were terminated for an unlawful reason, you may still have a case.

Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf will help you obtain justice from your employer. We will work on your behalf to protect your rights in the workplace. When you hire us, you will have on your side a zealous advocate for your rights in your legitimate dispute with your employer.

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