Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-Tenant Law

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The relationship between landlords and tenants in New Jersey is governed by local, state, and federal law. Under these laws, tenants and landlords have certain rights, responsibilities, and duties. However, even in the most amicable and professional landlord tenant relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise. Having a clear and detailed rental agreement or lease can lessen disagreements and discord. Each side will have clarity about their rights and duties and know what is expected of them.

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If you need help with any aspect of your role as a landlord or tenant, you can turn to Bathgate Wegener & Wolf, P.C. Our landlord-tenant attorneys can draft, review, or help you enforce a rental agreement or lease, provide counsel for disputes between yourself and the other party, represent you in an eviction action through the courts, and provide general guidance as to your rights and duties in any landlord-tenant circumstance. Our legal team is trial-tested and brings decades of collective legal experience to your case.

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