Municipal Court

Municipal Court

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Traffic tickets, ordinance violations, and minor criminal offenses are heard in municipal court. Even though the offenses are considered to be less serious, Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf knows how serious the problem is to you. Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf provides quality, personalized, efficient and affordable legal services to clients who are charged with offenses that are heard in municipal court. We will fight for you to beat the charge against you and reduce the fines that you will face for traffic tickets. We will zealously defend your rights if you are arrested for DUI. We will protect you if you are charged with domestic violence or assault.

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We believe that if you are charged with a municipal court offense, you should not go alone. It makes good sense for you to hire a lawyer to help you navigate your way through municipal court. Our firm has experienced lawyers who can help you with the hassle, financial burden and other adverse consequences that you face when you are charged with an offense in municipal court.

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