Estate Planning and Elder Law

Estate Planning and Elder Law

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Modern medicine and healthy living have made it possible for people to live much longer than we ever expected to just 50 years ago. Questions confronting seniors and their caregivers can cause sleepless nights and can take away peace of mind:

  • What sort of legal strategies can protect me and my assets?
  • Do I need a will? 
  • What will Medicare pay for?
  • How will I pay for my long term care?
  • If I need Medicaid, how do I qualify?
  • Can I preserve my assets if my spouse has to go into a long term care facility?
  • Who will make my healthcare decisions for me if I am unable to?
  • Who will conduct my financial transactions if I am unable to?
  • How can I change my will?
  • Does my loved one need a court-ordered guardian?
  • Should I create a trust or a special needs trust?
  • How can I leave the most to my children and grandchildren without losing control of my finances?

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The attorneys in our elder care law department are ready to help answer these important questions, and to assist you and your loved ones in developing a custom-tailored plan that addresses these concerns.

​Estate planning is a creative field of law and we take pride in the satisfaction of solving problems for both individuals and families. Our estate, trusts and tax planning department treats each client’s personal financial affairs with consummate professional and personal attention. We listen carefully to your intentions, and then structure an estate plan that will achieve those results as tax-effectively as possible. Solutions to estate planning problems often involve use of will and trust arrangements to protect assets from taxation. We provide advice regarding income, gift and estate tax issues to protect your assets. We draft documents that satisfy the applicable legal requirements while implementing the client’s goals. Programs can be designed to assure security for spouses, children and grandchildren. Increasingly, clients are concerned with their own long-term ability to handle financial and health care matters. Living wills and powers of attorney that are tailored to meet the client’s requirements often provide the solutions.

To preserve assets to the greatest extent permitted by law, and to assure the highest possible quality of life, certain steps need to be taken by you and your loved ones. We can guide you through this process.  In-home appointments are available and we treat each client with the utmost confidentiality and dignity.

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