Medical Malpractice Mediation

A business does not simply consist of service providers and producers of products.  Instead, a business is comprised of a myriad of personal relationships involving customers, employers, shareholders and partners.  It is those relationships that generate disputes which frequently can be resolved through mediation rather than civil litigation. A medical practice, although comprised of highly trained professionals who focus on providing unique services, is no different from other businesses.  The stresses and strains associated with providing a high level of patient care can generate disputes with patients, employees, hospitals, suppliers and insurance companies.  Moreover, evolving objectives and aspirations of the members of a medical practice can be the cause of friction that sometimes cannot be resolved internally. Mediation frequently offers a more satisfactory method, rather than civil litigation, for resolving such disputes.  Mediation is less expensive than civil litigation.  More importantly, mediation minimizes the hidden costs that characterize civil litigation.  The time of a busy medical professional is best devoted to serving patients rather than dealing with all of the diversions associated with civil litigation.  Most importantly, mediation can limit the emotional drain and anxiety that is frequently involved with civil litigation.

Because mediation is a private enterprise, disclosure of the sensitive details of the relationships that characterize a medical practice can be avoided.  Due to the flexible nature of mediation sessions, a schedule can be developed that minimizes the impact on a busy medical practice.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of mediation for a dispute arising from a medical practice or any other dispute that might result in civil litigation, please contact William Wolf.  Mr. Wolf is an experienced mediator who has assisted professionals in resolving their disputes; thus, saving the time, money and emotion that is associated with civil litigation. Contact us today at 732-363-0666

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash