Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

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Many people mistakenly believe that if you fall on someone else’s property, that you are automatically entitled to recover money damages.  It is not that easy!  You must prove that a dangerous or hazardous condition was the cause of your fall, and that the condition should have been discovered and corrected by the property owner.

Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf personal injury attorneys have successfully represented thousands of injured victims of trip, slip, and fall accidents across the state of New Jersey and recovered millions of dollars in damages.

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Fast investigation and thorough preparation are absolutely essential.  Photographs of the scene must be taken, and one of our experienced investigators or engineers need to see the site of your fall as quickly as possible, before conditions change.

There are many types of falls caused by negligence:  wet floors, poor lighting, foreign substances, defective construction, loose handrails, lack of mats, etc. The duties of commercial property owners and businesses are different from the legal responsibilities of homeowners.

Make your first call after a fall your smartest call–to an experienced team of professionals who will assure you receive the help you deserve.

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