Motorcycle and Truck Injuries

Motorcycle and Truck Injuries

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Motorcycle Injury Lawsuits

Motorcycle injuries are often the most serious, with a much greater risk of fatal or disabling outcomes.  If you or someone close to you has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident as a driver or as a passenger, give us a call as soon as possible. There are different insurance policy issues, and sometimes different laws that apply.  As riders and as experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, we can help you figure out if your accident was the fault of another driver, or your equipment.  In the past, we’ve involved experts such as engineers and accident reconstruction professionals to prove our clients were not at fault.  If we take your case, all costs will be advanced for you, and paid back at the end of the case. There will be no attorney fees charged to you, unless money damages are recovered for you.

Truck Injury Lawsuits

Likewise, truck accidents involve a different kind of insurance, federal and state commerce regulations, safety regulations, and commercial driver licenses. These can complicate personal injury cases.  We urge you to not give statements to insurance investigators and claims representatives until you speak with our team of experienced personal injury attorneys.  Don’t compromise your recovery by failing to get FREE legal help.  The consultation is FREE, and the advice you receive is invaluable.  We will help you obtain the best medical care, identify the responsible insurers, and work with you to maximize your recovery of full and fair compensation as quickly as possible

Motorcycle & Truck Injury Lawsuits

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