Disability Claims

Disability Claims

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The Social Security disability lawyers at Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf have a proven track record of success.  It is typical for the federal government to deny applications for disability benefits.  With an experienced attorney, you can greatly increase your chances of a successful appeal of those denials.

NJ Disability Claims

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If you have applied for and have been turned down for SSD or SSI, call us for a FREE consultation.  Your entitlement to benefits will depend on your disability, your work record, and the presentation of your case to a judge. Since there are no juries in these cases, it is imperative that you work with attorneys who have a familiarity with how local judges like to operate their courtrooms.  You can pursue the first level of appeal yourself, without an attorney, but denials are common.  With the experienced disability law team at Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf, your chances of success at an administrative hearing are greatly improved.  Without any upfront costs to you, we can help turn those denials around, and get you the benefits you deserve.

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