Insurance & Casualty Loss

Insurance & Casualty Loss

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When you buy property insurance, you expect that your insurance company will stand by you and pay to replace the property that is damaged in a catastrophe. Regrettably, many insurance companies do not live up to your expectations and their obligations. Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf will help you get fair treatment from your insurance company. We handle insurance disputes on a contingent fee basis which means that we do not recover a fee unless we recover for you.

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Our attorneys are experienced in obtaining coverage for policyholders when an insurance company denies coverage and in obtaining the true value of the loss. Our firm can assist you in presenting your claim and fighting your insurance company so that you receive the amount of compensation to which you are entitled. Simply stated, we ensure that insurance companies live up to their obligations to policyholders. 

Bathgate Wegener & Wolf has partnered with the renowned Merlin Law Group, the Policyholder’s Advocate, to provide clients with the best advocacy for their rights against insurance companies. The Merlin Law Group has been winning awards from insurance companies for over 30 years. Merlin’s practice is limited to representing policyholders against insurance companies. Our combined talents will help you maximize your recovery from your insurance company.

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