Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

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The Firm handles a wide range of real estate transactions including commercial and residential real estate acquisitions and sales, commercial leasing, real estate syndications, mortgage loans, and condominium formations and conversions. Lawsuits and administrative proceedings arising out of real estate related transactions, including matters such as litigation involving zoning, land use planning, environmental matters, eminent domain, foreclosure and real estate taxation, are handled cooperatively by the real estate and litigation departments. The Firm’s clients are quite diverse and include developers, builders, syndicators, banks and other mortgage lenders, governmental authorities, and the sellers and purchasers of commercial and residential property. No matter what your specific needs, the real estate, land use and zoning attorneys have the knowledge and experience to professionally, efficiently and economically handle all types of real estate transactions throughout New Jersey.Ocean County

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Residential real estate home ownership is the major financial transaction for most people. It is also the setting in which most people engage an attorney. Our residential real estate services are an important aspect of our practice. Our familiarity with this area helps assure that the most complicated transactions proceed smoothly. Additionally, our experience in handling tens of thousands of closings over the years works to your benefit. Highly skilled paralegals are essential members of our team. With the help of automated processing and tracking systems, they ensure that all documents are accurately processed and prepared on time.

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