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Class Actions

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Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf will help you obtain justice as a consumer. We will work on your behalf to protect your rights against businesses that violate consumer protection laws. When you hire us, you will have on your side a zealous advocate for your rights.

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Finding yourself the victim of an online scam, purchasing a car or other product without being told of hidden defects, or losing money in financial schemes, such as identity theft or unauthorized credit card charges can be devastating and leave you feeling hopeless.  In New Jersey and across the country, a variety of laws at both the state and federal levels regulate consumer affairs. The Firm is well versed in protecting consumers from unscrupulous business practices and represents consumers in individual and class action matters in state and federal court.  By way of example, we filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of our clients alleging Volkswagen defrauded consumers when it marketed and sold “clean diesel” vehicles that actually contained illegal software designed to cheat federal and state emissions testing.  We also filed the first national class action lawsuit on behalf of the Borough of Carteret and others, against artificial turf manufacturer, FieldTurf USA, and its affiliates regarding false claims the company made about the durability of its artificial turf field systems despite knowledge of the product’s defects.

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