Municipal Law

Municipal Law

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The municipal law practice group at Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf understands the complex legal and business issues facing municipalities. Our lawyers provide municipalities with the legal support that enables them to achieve their public policy goals. 

The Firm has wide experience in municipal land sales, bonding, land use, zoning and planning, eminent domain, economic development and redevelopment, construction, water and sewer infrastructure, employment and collective bargaining, public bidding and litigation involving public entities. We utilize a team approach that draws on the considerable legal talent and public service experience of our attorneys. We have partners who have served as public officials having won election to local governing bodies. 

Their combined experience as elected officials provides the firm with the ability to appreciate the competing interests that municipalities face on a short term and long term basis. Our Firm, therefore, not only has broad experience in municipal law which enables us to provide outstanding legal services but also sees the problem from the perspective of the elected official which makes us sensitive to the pressures faced by elected officials.

Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf’s municipal law practice group provides municipalities with an experienced team of lawyers who do high quality and efficient legal work. These services coupled with our hands-on governmental experience make us uniquely qualified as municipal attorneys.

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